Monday, January 1, 2007

Wedding Planning

Everyone we talk to seems to want to know: "How's the wedding planning going". Well the answer is... it's not. We've cancelled the processional, exchanging of vows and rings, recessional, reception. You can send the gifts, and show up wherever you like, but we won't be there. In short, it's off.

No not really. But as you can see, we're about as excited about planning this thing as we are about dancing with a rhinoceros. They're both big, ugly and white. And I can't dance.

The truth is, we're planning something simple, beautiful, secular and fun for everyone. Which is to say, we have no idea what's going to happen. The trouble is, everyone we talk to tells us what a big affair it all is. A couple we know doing the same thing (and of course much farther along than we are) tells us that adding the bussles to the wedding dress is going to cost them $20 each. And there are a dozen or more bussles. I don't even know what a bussle is. Clearly, I'm not meant for such things.

Well, I know how much everyone is counting on this wedding (at least this is the impression I get from my nuclear and extended families). But help is on the way. I have graciously decided to turn over my wedding planning role and all related responsibilities and rights to Susan "my better half" Moskwa.

That's right Susan, you are in charge. Remember, everyone's depending on you.

ed: we'll let you know if Susan thinks this is as funny as we do.


Susan said...

O Dearest Nick "My Better Half" Gerner:

1. Rhinoceros are grey, not white.
2. It's bustle, not bussle.
3. Your "gracious" bequeathal is DENIED. If you wanted someone to handpaint centerpieces and sew burlap ceiling panels for you, then you should be out jousting for Beth Gastner's hand right now. I can code you a wedding website volontiers, but if you think I'm doing the rest by myself, then that first paragraph of yours might not be so farfetched after all... sweetheart.

Susan said...

P.S. Not to get all girly on you, but what do y'all think of this dress??