Saturday, January 6, 2007

Wedding dresses

Aunt Jann told me recently that the new thing is for regular clothing stores to sell wedding apparel. J. Crew, for instance, has a wedding line (including wedding gowns and bridesmaids' dresses), as does White House | Black Market (a store I discovered when we moved to WA; I lust after their expensive dresses every time we're at the mall).

Since we're not planning a super-formal wedding, since the traditional look isn't really me, and especially since I'm intimidated by the idea of one of those all-day fittings at a bridal store, I'm considering some of these more contemporary (and less expensive!) dresses. But, while I'm overwhelmed by the selection at the websites that specialize in bridal dresses, I'm equally underwhelmed by the selection at the department stores (J. Crew, for example, currently only shows four bridal dresses, none of which really excite me).

Does anyone have suggestions for other stores I could check out?

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Susan said...

FYI I finally gave up on the department store route (it was a good idea in theory, but I just couldn't find any dresses that looked timeless enough) and found a couple friendly, affordable dress shops in the Redmond area.