Monday, January 22, 2007

Generation We?

It's really amazing where things are headed. I think of myself as pretty tech savvy and pretty next gen. But think about these kids that have never lived in a time without (forget Google), Wikipedia, YouTube, Revver, Blogger, etc. This story is about one 8 year old:

His interest in TV has really declined, because it's just there, you can't customize it... he's tuned to a world where he controls media, not the other way around.

They have the whole world right at their fingertips, and always have.


Anonymous said...

Nick--Did you notice that you were born after the Generation X years they claim the parents are?

Susan said...

So... if I was born in '81 (the last year of GenX), but Nick was born in '83, does that mean our kids (should we ever have any, gods forbid) qualify as children of GenX-ers or no?

And does this mean that I qualify as some kind of pedophile, marrying someone who's not even in my generation??