Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Hero

He might look like an alien, and Prarie Home Companion might not be my favorite show, but Garrison Keillor has done more to expose me to, and make me love, radio than any other personality. And he certainly is a personality. He was there when I was a little kid waiting for my mom to cook up some tasty breakfast on Sunday morning, and he's still there now when I'm relaxing on Saturday night cooking a tasty meal of my own.


Susan said...

Yaaaaay Garrison!!
Our kitty's namesake...

A Prairie Home Companion was my favourite public radio show back when I thought NPR was just some boring news thing that my mom listened to while making dinner... but I always looked forward to Garrison and stories of the Café Boeuf.

Naomi said...

he looks like a frog, not an alien.

Kirsten said...

If you are now an official Radio Buff, you should try listening to This American Life at It may quite possibly be better than Prairie Home Companion. I LUV it.

Susan said...

Hey Kirsten!

Good grief, I'm totally addicted to This American Life... Case in point, we named our kitties Garrison (Keillor) and Ira (Glass). I'm actually listening to This American Life archives online as I write this. :-)

I feel like the next show to keep an eye out for will be Radio Lab; unfortunately they ran it on our local radio for a few months and then cancelled it, but you can listen to it online.

And keep an eye out for This American Life on Showtime in March!! (One of the few times at which I wish I had proper TV...)