Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cheney won't discuss his pregnant (lesbian) daughter

This is an interesting web of complex issues. If you step back for a minute, and forget that he's vice president in this administration, he's just a man with a particular set of beliefs. He loves his daughter and is glad to have a new grandchild, but doesn't want to discuss the more complicated issues involved.

If you step back and forget about the human being (there are potentially three of them involved here), he's an awfully public figure with a lot of responsibilities to his constituents, especially given how he and Bush campaigned. And he refuses to discuss this pretty hot-button issue which he's right in the middle of, and potentially has a very special perspective on.

I guess I think it's sort of a cop-out to refuse to discuss this. Everyone must be accountable for his or her beliefs, especially such a public figure. I can't really understand how he can maintain credibility and say, "I think you're out of line with that question", given how his administration and party feel about this issue.

What do you think?

1 comment: said...

Cheney is not a good abstract thinker. He sees himself as a non-public person in this issue and is asking for privacy. He, for this issue, has disassociated from the public persona that called for "family values".

In other words, he's a shit.