Saturday, March 17, 2007

A profusion of Glasses

Y'all are familiar with the story of Stephen Glass, right? Subject of Shattered Glass (a great movie, by the way), the journalist who fabricated at least 27 stories while writing for The New Republic... (No relation to Ira Glass, by the way.) Well, my interesting discovery of the week is that in 1997 he did a piece for This American Life! That was the year before his journalistic fraud was discovered. It makes one wonder what he could have become (he was running in some pretty hip circles!).

Too bad he didn't just decide to be a fiction writer; why waste your time on journalism if you just want to make stuff up?

Edit: also check out the web page he created to fool the fact-checkers at The New Republic. This is supposed to be the homepage of a big technology company?? Perhaps it was par for the course back in 1998, but it wouldn't fool a two-year-old these days, it's so obviously fake. I mean, Isn't it weird how far the internet has come?

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