Wednesday, March 21, 2007

NPR Fighting the Man: "Kicking Butts and Taking Names"

It seems as if the Copyright Royalty Board is trying to raise the rates online radio stations have to pay when playing copyrighted, commercial music. The way they're doing it hits non-profits especially hard which have, up until now, been protected to some extend (because they're NON-PROFIT).

NPR argues that [a survey they conducted] says that 79 percent of Internet radio stations were unable to report a weekly aggregate [of listening hours]...This is only compounded by the fact that not all Internet radio stations are playing commercial music all the time. Stations like NPR broadcast a wide variety of music—some of which is not copyrighted—as well as news and other talk shows during their time on the air, making it even more difficult to attempt to calculate how many users were listening at the exact time that a commercial song was being played

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