Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cantilevered over the Grand Canyon: What a bad idea

The Hualapai Nation has built a "sky bridge" 4,000 feet over the Grand Canyon at a site called "Grand Canyon West".

...the price of admission is $25 per person. (No word on whether that price includes an airsick bag.)
It goes from one side, 70 feet out, and back to that same side. So I'm not sure where the "bridge" part comes in; you're not crossing anything. Maybe it's a compromise: someone realized no-one actually wants to cross a quarter of a mile 4,000 feet up (at least), so they give you 70 feet to turn back.
As many as 120 people will be allowed...each will have to wear special shoe covers to prevent slipping and scratching.
I have to wear special shoe covers or else I fall off? I...don'
...2-inch-thick glass floor...the [ed: multimillion-pound] U-shaped structure is rated as safe even in the face of 100 mph winds.
Safe is such a relative term...