Thursday, February 1, 2007

Global Warming "Very Likely" Man Made

global warming has made stronger hurricanes, including those on the Atlantic Ocean, such as Hurricane Katrina

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Susan said...

Funny, I just read this article today about how freakish weather across the country (most likely due to global warming) is wreaking havoc on insurance companies, who are passing that havoc on to the consumer (thanks, guys).

The web article is missing the jaw-dropping graph illustrating how "weather-related catastrophe losses have increased from about $1 billion a year in the 1970s to an average of $17 billion a year over the past decade. In 2005, the year of Katrina, that figure reached $71 billion." It kind of looks like Al Gore's carbon-level graph from An Inconvenient Truth... totally off the charts.

(And that's just from Katrina, where a lot of the real estate destroyed was low-income housing; "one study found that a repeat of the 'Long Island Express,' the Category 3 storm that plowed through New England in 1938, killing 600 people, would cause $200 billion in damage today.")