Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Looking for a good home: Sammy


This is Sammy. He's a foster cat from the Humane Society who's currently living with us to get a break from the shelter. He's totally adorable so I'm looking for a good home for him!

Sammy's been with us for nearly 2 weeks and he's been super low-maintenance. He's very friendly; he'll immediately walk up to new people rather than hiding or shying away. He has long whiskers and soft, silky fur which only gets silkier the more you pet him. He loves to be petted, especially on his face and belly, and he'll purr pretty much as soon as you touch him.

Sammy on my lap He seems to really like being around people, and is very amenable to whatever ways you want to give him attention. He doesn't mind sitting on your lap, being picked up, cuddled, used as a pillow, etc. He's also very happy to just sit in the same room as you while you're doing whatever; we've spent many hours sewing, knitting, and surfing the web together. He doesn't get freaked out by noises (like the sewing machine, or even the vacuum cleaner). I think he would make a great match for anyone looking for a lap cat, or a companion to just hang out with while watching movies and putzing around the house.

Incidentally, he doesn't do any of the bad stuff that my cats do, like chewing on cords or tipping over wastebaskets and playing in the trash. And he doesn't scratch the furniture (although he does like to knead his claws into the carpet when he's really happy).

If you or anyone you know is looking for a cat like this, please let me know (or contact the Humane Society directly)! You're also welcome to come over and meet him. More photos here.