Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hhffrrrggh: WTF?

Once upon a time, while driving up to Madison from Chicago, I noticed a sign alongside the highway. It was one of those signs that precedes an exit and shows all the different restaurants that you'll find off that exit. I sped past at 80mph, barely glancing at the sign, and immediately thought Did I just see... ??. One of the restaurant adverts was pink with white text, so it was kind of hard to read, but I could've sworn it said something completely unintelligible. It was a weird bit of surreality in an otherwise uneventful drive, and I soon forgot about it.

But I drive that highway several times a year, and (when I remember) I started looking for that sign each time I drove past, trying to figure out whether I was crazy or whether it actually was complete gibberish. And today I'm pleased to report that I've found the culprit, and that I am not, in fact, crazy (or at least not hallucinating):

Welcome to the Hhffrrrggh Inn - Janesville's hmost hfun place to eat and drink. Can't say it, can't spell it, can't forget it.

So... did they just let their cat walk on the keyboard and name the restaurant after the results?


Niall said...

Hello Susan. Can I ask you a really random question.? I hope you see this. I really want to ask you specifically as i know you are an employee of google, instead of asking a forum etc. I'd have emailed you if i knew your address.

Someone made a blog about me on blogspot, and deleted it the same day. However, it was cached and a couple of weeks later it started appearing on google - if my name is searched the blog appeared on the first page of google, with pretty personal info in the cache.

I used the public url removal tool to remove this 404 page for 90 days, and I'm not sure what happens then. I've heard that google keeps caches for ages, so I'm worried that the site will pop back up again. Would I be able to request that the page is removed again if it appears back in the index?

Thanks thanks thanks. I'll check back regularly to see if you've answered etc, and then after I've seen it I supposed the comments here can be deleted?

I'm sorry for being silly in the manner in which I'm contacting you, but I really wanted to contact you personally, as you know a lot about this i.e. the real workings of google.

Susan said...

Hi Niall,

This is my personal blog, and I don't answer Google-related questions on it unless they're related to the post that you're commenting on. If you have a question about a website, please post it in our Webmaster Help Forum. This question could definitely be answered in the forum.

Niall said...
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Niall said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.