Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Homeland Generation

I was recently filling out a survey and was asked to give my age in terms of what generation I'm part of. These were the options provided:

Birth Year
  • 2001-Present, Homeland Generation
  • 1982-2000, Millennial Generation
  • 1961-1981, Generation X
  • 1943-1960, Baby Boom Generation
  • 1925-1942, Silent Generation
  • 1901-1924, Depression/GI Generation

Homeland Generation?? Have you ever heard that before? That sounds so depressing to me. I mean, who wants to be part of the generation that grew up in a world in which you have to meet your friends at the baggage claim because you're not allowed to meet them at the gate? In a world in which the US is progressively more isolated and our constitution is being progressively eroded? I guess it is interesting to realize that there are now kids who've only known this type of world, though—it still surprises me that the Sept. 11 attacks were 7 years ago now. It's surprising that things have been going downhill for that long.

Hopefully we'll be able to turn things around so that by the time the Homeland Generation is old enough to be politically aware, we'll once again have a government that they can be proud of.

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