Friday, August 1, 2008

Calling Ondrej Elleder

Let's do an experiment.

I have a Google Alert set up on my name, so (presumably) whenever someone blogs about me I'll get an email with the link and can check it out. I'm wondering whether this is somewhat common, or just among tech geeks. So let's drop the name of one of my friends from college, and see if this post makes its way to him across the internet.

His name is Ondrej Elleder (read a bit about him here), and this postcard that he sent me was another find while I was cleaning out old papers this week. One of the biggest things I miss about college is living and socializing with such fascinating, diverse and entertaining people. Linguaphiles who would write postcards like this:

To: The discreditable SUSAN MOSKWA

Susan! Hail, by mail, from the city of the FLAIL! Whyever the FLAIL? This be the reason, Missus: It was the favourite weapon of the Hussites. And don't you ask me who the Hussites were! :-S Contemplate instead the Freudian symbolism of having the flail for a weapon.

Happy New Year,


Rain Monkey said...

Moulin Rogue, I followed the link to your blog, and saw your science project on the internet.

I've posted two little hellos to you in places on the interwebs that would be fairly obscure to human eyes, but which will probably be found by the google.

Let me know when you get the alert. I posted the hellos on Sunday night. I'll delete them as soon as they go through.

I also have google alerts for my name, my registered trade name, and for my web address, so that if somebody whispers my name in vain on an internet chat room, I will find out. And if they post a link to my web page I can promote the page they put that link on.

- Rain Monkey

Susan said...

Man, the suspense is killing me! I haven't gotten anything yet... did you leave my real name or my derby name? (If my derby name, it's probably lost out in the ether... you wouldn't believe how many people misspell Moulin Rouge on the internet, those alerts are always full of junk.)