Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Vsched.com Screenshots

I hope my last post whetted your appetite for the work I'm doing in online employee scheduling software. Now I want to show you a little bit of what I'm doing. So I've got a few screen shots to show off.

Of course, the heart of the system is a shift schedule manager. Above you can see a screen shot of part of a user's weekly schedule. I've covered up some of the info to protect the innocent, but you can see that different entries are color coded corresponding to their type (availability, preferences, work shifts, etc.). You can also see a variety of options available for a work shift, including finding a substitute to take the shift.

Here I'm adding a new unavailable time to my schedule. Our schedules support click and drag, just like any modern scheduling application.

Above you can see a nice summary of what kind of schedules are in place at the different locations and jobs. As you can imagine, work schedules need to change over the year, for example you might need more people to cover registers during the holidays. Also different locations will have different schedules.

This one is a new feature I'm working on right now to import users from a spreadsheet in CSV format. Loading employees into the system is one of the first things our customers do, so we want to make sure it's as easy as possible. You can also see a small bit of instruction in the green box. You'll find these throughout the system with helpful tips and reminders. Clicking on the question mark in the upper right (also available throughout the system) brings up some more in-depth context sensitive help.

We've also got some reports which give you aggregate information about your schedules. Here you can see who can take more hours on their schedule and how much of their schedule they actually wanted.

I'd better get back to work on that user import feature. I estimate around 1000 user clicks for the average setup without it! We're trying to make the lives of our customers easier. We don't want to replace one chore with another.

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