Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bookmarks and badges

Everyone love badges, right? The "Collect the whole set!" mentality is indoctrinated into us by cereal box giveaways and from Boy/Girl Scouting on up. Badges are cute and colorful and better yet, now that we're grown-ups we don't even have to do anything to earn them, we can just grab them off the web. :-P

So we've added a variety of bookmarking and web 2.0/social software-type badges to our posts. Yeah, I know, we're behind the times on this and some people just find it tacky; but, well, it's an experiment. Please let us know whether you find them useful, garish, and/or if there are any we should add (or any you think are a waste of space)!

Credit to 3spots for pointing me in the right direction.

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Anonymous said...

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