Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dinner (and work) with the Stars

...at least the somewhat-well-known-internet-personalities. In the last week I've had dinner with two internet-semi-celebrities: Rand Fish, CEO of SEOMoz, and Brian Aker, Director of Architecture at MySQL. So what's it like eating with the stars (depending on your context and your definition of star)? Read on to find out what I think of these people after having seen them eat...

Last week Susan and I had Rand and Mystery_Guest over to dinner. This is actually the second time I've met Rand, a strike against his stardom for me, but not for you! Rand is super nice. Just look at the picture in Mystery_Guest's profile. Seriously, go look. Aren't they cute? After we attended his engagement party he (actually it was Mystery_Guest) sent us a thank you note for eating their food and drinking their booze (don't worry guys, a cute thank you note is on the way for eating our food). And he's really knowledgeable about that interweb thing and especially SEO. Plus the SEO crew has an awesome blog: lots of great content, a nice design, and amazing seo tools. How can you not call him a star? And by the way, he brought us Ben and Jerry's Americone Dream. That was just the coup de grĂ¢ce. I'll forgive him for not liking Wikipedia. Oh yeah, he eats meat and is only alergic to—well, you'll have to ask him about that.

By the way, SEOMoz is hiring. Check out this comment. I almost agree:

Seriously, if I had a grunt level job at Microsoft I would jump at the opportunity trade in my MSFT for some MOZZ in a year.

I'm almost ready to jump all over some "MOZZ", so if you're interested you better hurry...

Last night I went to the MySQL Meetup in Seattle, where Brian Akers showed up. Or maybe he runs it? I was a Meetup virgin before last night. Only 3 other people showed up for this free (plus cost of food), public (everyone's welcome at the Elysian Brew Pub on Pike street) event. Does that dis-qualify Brian as a star? He's highly placed (director of architecture at MySQL, remember), pleasant to talk to, knowledgeable, generous with advice, and I've been reading his blog posts for quite some time. These are important factors in my book. One of the other guys who attended was interested in choosing a DBMS for his company. Brian asked a few questions (including asking importance of open source) and suggested MySQL (of course), but also Firebird. He also offered to follow up after the meetup, another important factor. I asked a bunch of questions about clustering, replication, and scale-out and Brian had a lot of general advice. Next time I'll have to come with more specific questions to better mine Brian's knowledge :) Don't worry, I'll share what I come up with.

Ok, so I didn't have much to say about how they eat. For goodness sake, it's eating. It's not like they've got extra mouths or something. Anyway, if you've met Rand or Brian—or better yet both!—leave a comment, and let us and our readers know.


Susan said...

Hey, kudos on the coup de grâce link. Most people say [ku də gra] which means 'fat hit'... and obviously makes no sense. :)

Nick said...

Yes, but did I misuse "its" and "it's"? Did I make a grammatical gaffe? Is my sentence structure well formulated? Is my writing in general easy to read and informative? It can be trying and yet rewarding to live with a linguist :)