Sunday, April 15, 2007

Carbon-neutral web hosting

Those who know me know that I'm not an activist. All things being equal, I would pick the most socially/environmentally conscious option; but all things are rarely equal, and when they're not I'm not particularly likely to go out of my way to promote the environment or feminism or whatever the issue of the day is.

Today, though, I received some good news for a lazy liberal: my web host is now a carbon-neutral company! From their newsletter:

Climate change is an issue that WebHostingBuzz takes very seriously. Whilst we do not want to enter the global political debate about climate change, we do want to help where we can. As a result of this, we have partnered with the International Tree Foundation. Trees take in carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen during photosynthesis and help maintain a healthy level of these gases in the atmosphere. Our partnership with the ITF means that we are sponsoring a number of worldwide tree planting projects, which offsets the carbon dioxide produced during the generation of electricity used to power our servers. If you'd like to learn more about the ITF or how you can help, please visit

If you're looking for a good host, I highly recommend them: Web Hosting Buzz. They have plans starting at $3/month [edit: $4/month] for a good amount of space, and their customer service and technical support is really good (very quick response time).

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Lunarpages Review said...

*GrinZ* The only downside to green hosting is most likely there going to stack as many sites on a box as possible :)